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BREAKING: House Passes GOP Healthcare Bill

We have a winner!


It’s been a long road in a relatively short period of time for GOP lawmakers to pass the bill that will repeal and replace the disaster our country knows as “Obamacare.”

The first attempt failed. And it was embarrassing. President Trump was furious that Congress couldn’t get it done, especially when the GOP owns the House and Senate.

But today, that all changed. Trump just emerged victorious thanks to the GOP lawmakers who banded together to make this happen. It’s about time they starting doing what we hired them to do.

Update: The magic 216 vote number was reached! Healthcare bill PASSES!

Looks like President Trump will be thanking Republican Congress members with a victory speech in the Rose Garden.

From Breitbart:

The American Health Care Act replaces a number of Obamacare’s taxes and subsidies with age-based tax credits to help people buy health insurance on the individual market. Freedom Caucus members, including Congressman Jim Jordan, previously said that the tax credits would create a new entitlement program. The AHCA repeals Obamacare’s employer mandate, while it replaces the individual mandate with a 30 percent insurance premium surcharge for those who forgo health insurance. The bill will also cap Medicaid per capita starting in 2020.

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