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BREAKING: Hillary On Record Saying She Wanted To Murder THIS Man


In another bombshell revelation Monday morning, Wikileaks Twitter account posted a damning memo of what took place during a State Department meeting among the top brass, including Hillary Clinton.

The reported goal of the meeting was to formulate a strategy to slow or completely stop the release of damaging cables from Wikileaks, founded by Julian Assange.

But the meeting took an awkward turn when Hillary, according to sources, blurted out “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

As you’ll read in the transcript below, others in the room hesitantly laughed — everyone except Hillary. She apparently sounded dead serious.

It’s no wonder Julian Assange announced Sunday that he is postponing the release of the “October Surprise” emails that could be extremely damaging to Hillary’s campaign. There’s really no telling what this woman is truly capable of — but if it temporarily scared off Assange, it must be a very real and serious concern for his life.

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