BREAKING: Fox News Anchor Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Network

Wow, this took everyone by surprise.

It seems as if Fox News can’t catch a break. Over the past year, multiple allegations of sexual discrimination lawsuits have rocked the network.

Top tier talent fled, got fired or went on permanent “vacation.” Luckily, there are still a few of the “old guard” left, but they’re fighting their own battles as we speak.

The latest Fox News talent to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon did so not because of sexual discrimination, but for racial discrimination. Yikes.

Washington Times reports:

Black anchor Kelly Wright has joined a handful of former and present staffers accusing the cable outlet of racial discrimination. He’s the only black male anchor at Fox; he announced his intent to file separate charges during a press conference with his attorney, Doug Wigdor.

Kelly Wright
Kelly Wright

He also announced he was joining the separate race discrimination suit filed by a dozen other plaintiffs against Fox, alleging race discrimination as well.

“This hurts,” Wright said, the Blaze reported. “This hurts. I am here reluctantly because I prefer sitting behind an anchor desk delivering news to you, the viewer — reporting, delivering the news. … I am here reluctantly because I am not against any man or woman at Fox News. The truth is I admire, I like and even love the people who I work with and for. But I don’t like what they do.”

Gulp. Here comes the stunner. Wright first made clear that he’s not joined forces with any left-wing organization to try and take down Fox. He also added his belief that Fox would continue to grow and thrive, due in large part to the millions of watchers who trust in the company mission.

And then this: “But when that trust is broken with various employees because of racial bias, something has to be done.”

Fox has denied the allegations in Wright’s suit, as well as the charges contained in the previous race discrimination suit filed by a dozen other plaintiffs.And the company, through a spokesperson, vowed to “vigorously defend these cases.”

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