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BREAKING: Former Fox News Exec. Confirms New Media Project Is Happening

Holy smokes, this is a game-changer

Fox News has taken a dive over the past few weeks, especially when star host Bill O’Reilly was shown the door after a highly successful 21-year run. Viewers have not taken kindly to the new direction the network seems to be going — which is to the left.

Rumors swirled over the past week of a new news network and we reported on it when the news broke. At that time, it was only speculation.

But this former Fox News executive just shocked the media world with a major announcement about a project he’s been working on. It’s really happening.

Here’s an excerpt from his press release:

My name’s Ken LaCorte, and I was in charge of editorial for FoxNews.com over the past 10 years.

I was an executive at Fox News from the early days, part of a small team who upheld Fox’s “fair and balanced” reporting. I left Fox shortly after the election and have been working on building the foundation of a new site ever since.

I watched as the press took sides and decided to support its candidate as opposed to reporting the facts. Facebook’s a bad place to get the news, and it’s getting harder to have an intelligent conversation on the day’s news in most subreddits.

Something needs to change, and we think we have some good ideas.

What makes us different?

For starters, we’re going to be getting out of the opinion business.

Convincing you to think or vote a certain way doesn’t build trust in a news organization, yet they do it every day. We’ll give you the facts, a forum for your opinion and may link out to some op-eds, but we’ll stay in the business of reporting news.

Of course, even straight fact-based reporting will have its own viewpoint. Ours is that the mainstream U.S. media is routinely left-of-center has gotten worse over the past year. You’ll see a mix of stories here that we believe to be fair and relevant to your lives, more so than what you’re getting now.

Secondly, when we raise the next round of funding, we’ll invest in a healthy amount of investigative journalism, but when we see good reporting — and much of it is — we’ll link you directly there. If we can’t improve a story, we see little value in re-writing it.

You want news that’s relevant to you, which is both the “important stuff” but often the softer and funnier stories too. We’ll offer a hybrid of journalism and an aggregated feed that will eventually be personalized for you.

Lastly, we’re going to be a smart community from the outset. This was something I never got working at Fox News. It was like trying to duct tape a broken fire hydrant. You’ll never run into any problems for expressing a well-written opinion here, no matter how out-there it is, but we’re going to crack down hard on low effort posts.

How committed are we?

This is happening. I’ve already built up an editorial team, have accumulated Facebook audiences of over 3 million real people and am already marginally profitable with a fairly basic news site. Lynx Media is more political and less beefy than LaCorte News will be but allows us to earn some cash as we build up the team.

I’m in the process of raising a few million dollars to help increase that audience, bring on a serious reporting team, and start producing live video.

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