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BREAKING: Facebook Killer Found Dead

He will certainly NOT be missed…

fb killer

The cowardly thug who murdered an innocent, elderly man in a Facebook video that shocked the world is now dead.

Just two hours after a press conference with police announcing they were still searching for the killer, news broke that he was spotted by police and shortly after he was pursued, he took his own life.

Mirror reports:

A man accused of killing a pensioner and posting gruesome video of the murder on Facebook is has reportedly been found dead in his car.

Steve Stephens, 37, had been on the run since he allegedly gunned down a stranger, Robert Godwin Snr, 74, at random on Sunday afternoon in the US city of Cleveland.

In a video on Facebook the suspect boasted of killing more than a dozen other victims, but police say they have not linked him to any other victims or incidents.

In another video he rambled on about breaking up with “the love of my life” and admitted losing “everything” gambling at a casino.

Mr Godwin, father-of-10 and great-grandfather, was collecting discarded aluminium cans when he was approached and fatally shot in the street.

A $50,000 (£40,000) reward was offered for information of his whereabouts.

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