BREAKING: ‘Deadliest Catch” Star Beaten And Left For Dead On Highway

He needs our prayers and support…it sounds bad.

Josh Harris, Captian of the FV/Cornelia Marie and star of the Deadliest Catch, took to Facebook live 10 minutes ago to share some devastating news.

Jake Harris, brother of Josh and son of the much loved Capt. Phil Harris was apparently beaten, almost to death, last night and left on the side of the road for dead, according to Josh.

Jake Harris
Jake Harris

Jake is currently in ICU with a cracked skull, brain bleed and other injuries.

Josh shares the identity of the suspects in the Facebook live broad cast above and asks for the public’s help in locating the suspected individuals in the attack on Jake.

Josh is asking for help in locating:

Amanda Ritter-Crandall (Of Spokane Washington)

Jorel Fultz (Also of Spokane)



The couple is believed to have additional accomplices and are in a black or dark SUV.

UmbrellaofSuspicion.com will post more details as Josh Harris makes them available.

Please share and circulate this. Let’s help Josh and Jake Harris catch these creeps and show these thugs that they messed with the wrong family!

Much love and a speedy recovery to Jake Harris!

Our thoughts are with Jake, Josh, the Harris family and the Deadliest catch crews and production teams!

H/T UmbrellaOfSuspicion

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