BREAKING: Billy Bush Booted From Today Show

Wow, sucks for Billy…

“Today” show personality Billy Bush will not appear on Monday’s episode of the program, a spokesperson for NBC confirmed to CBS News.

It isn’t clear when Bush will return to the air.

He has hosted the third hour of the program for two months.

The news comes just days after a 2005 video tape of Bush and presidential nominee Donald Trump having a lewd conversation surfaced.

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  1. It’s not fair he is taken off. He was better on his other show at 11.00. I hope he goes back to that show. I guess no one at NBC ever did anything 11 years ago that they wouldn’t like to take back. I don’t like the morning NBC show any way.

  2. I believe that Donald Trump will do what he says he will do for.America and American’s. He will not be a turncoat like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They have brought this country back at least fifty years in today’s world and society
    Please God let Mr Trump win this election so our American values can be brought back. I have five grand children that I would like for them to grow up in a society and trust worthy country that I grew up in n

  3. Obama threatened the FBI to not talk about Hillary or else…. Billy shouldn’t be allowed to take out the Republican nominee either. Where’s Obama’s threat there? See how corrupt the political scene is? I’ll never watch the show anymore.

  4. Hillary doesn’t care that she, in trying to bring down Trump. That she has ruined a young man life and career in the process. This young man probable has a wife and children now, this is how she protects women and children. She probable didn’t even. Care or think what effect this would have on others.

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