BOOM: Trump Proves Haters WRONG About The Black Vote… Hillary Is FURIOUS

We knew he could do it!

(Breitbart) The Los Angeles Times/USC Dornsife national tracking poll of the presidential campaign picked up a sharp uptick in African-American support for Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, which it now pegs at 14.6 percent.

When the “Daybreak” poll began July 10, Trump‘s support among black voters was 4.6 percent and he fluctuated between 5.4 percent Aug. 1 and 2.5 percent Aug. 11.

The upswing in support for Trump–more than 500 percent above his low less than a week previous–comes after the New York City developer’s address Tuesday in the Milwaukee suburb of West Bend, Wisconsin. In that speech, Trump made his most direct play for African-American support in the campaign.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Hillary is absolutely furious about Trump’s growing numbers within the black community. This uptick shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, though. The black community sees what’s going on within their neighborhoods and after so long, it’s probably very difficult to keep giving Obama a pass.

Let the doubters keep doubting, but come November, we have a feeling a lot of pundits and “experts” will be eating a lot of feet.


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  1. We love Donald Trump!! Thankyou for going out to LA and suiting up and showing up!! I call a LANDSLIDE BEFORE NOVEMBER!!!!!

    Lead with your Truth, show your heart, intelligence and leadership with discipline and hammer Obama Hillary, Her days are numbered
    Trumped up for Trump!!!

  2. Trump is a wonderful human being with a good heart full of compassion. He is definitely a diamond in the rough and I hope he stays that way never to get polished like the elite who think they are above the rest. Trump has been to the flooded area and handed out food along with his VP while A H Obama plays golf on his vacation.

  3. Trump is an honest man just as Abe Lincoln . He will bring this country back to greatness. What he did in Louisiana is just a tip of the ice Burge. He has done many good things with no fanfare. He will
    be a president for the people by the people. The Trump train is on its way at full speed ahead.

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