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BOOM: Trump BLASTS Liberal Heckler With a “Your Mom” Joke During Rally

This liberal just got OWNED…

(Breitbart) Vintage Donald Trump was back in full force in Erie, Pennsylvania during a campaign rally on Friday, where he heckled a protester and read “The Snake.”

“Go home to mom and your mother is voting for Trump! She’s voting for Trump!” Trump shouted towards a protester who was being ejected from his rally, where more than 7,000 people came to see the Republican nominee on Friday afternoon.

The New Yorker’s style of dealing with protesters is in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, who recently froze when confronted by protesters at a campaign event earlier this month where a secret service agent had to remind her to “keep talking.”

See, that’s why smart voters understand that Trump has a MUCH stronger chance of winning in November than the liberal mainstream media would like you to believe. This guy isn’t afraid to take on crooked, lyin’ politicians OR liberal hipster hecklers in a crowd.

There isn’t a Republican candidate alive who has the golden stones that Trump’s carrying around, and he certainly gets our respect for that.

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