BOOM: Sheriff Clarke Calls In National Guard To Teach BLM Thugs a Lesson

These “protesters” are about to learn the hard way…

(BI) Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker activated the National Guard on Sunday to help law enforcement if needed after approximately 100 individuals rioted the night before in Milwaukee over the fatal police shooting of an armed man.

“[I] have activated the Wisconsin National Guard to be in a position to aid local law enforcement upon request,” Walker said in a press release announcing the decision.

The decision, made in conjunction with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and Adjutant General Donald Dunbar, came after four businesses were torched in a riot triggered by the shooting of an armed man who fled police at a traffic stop.

We had a feeling it was only a matter of time before Sheriff Clarke — a man known for NOT taking any BS — stepped up to the plate to keep the good people of Milwaukee safe tonight and for the rest of this week.

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  1. Don’t understand the thought that destroying all the businesses I can will help me do better. How many people did they put out of work? Were any of them black? Were they any race that has been serving their neighborhoods an trying to help people get what they need? Tearing people of any color down won’t make you any better!

    • Me and my buddy AR would have been outside protecting what was mine and my neighbor’s. If those animals were going to destroy my property my goal would have been to take as many with me as I could. That’s all they understand.

  2. Hope they helped burn down what was left!? Stupid fukn coloreds!! See why they should be back in the “motherland”?!! Fukn idiots! They still cannot be in a civilized society…they prove that each time!

  3. We need a few more good men like Sheriff Clarke. God protect this man! It seems not too many know wrong from right any longer. I personally think he needs to give orders in this country, Obama is sure slipping on his job. Obama is giving orders alright, to the terrorist, the main reason for all the corruption.

  4. Let them burn them selves out and watch as they try to figure out what to do next. We need to let them destroy them selves and laugh when they blame us for what they have don to themselves. Then help the good black people get there lives back together! Not all Black’s are bad and not all are dumb as rocks.

  5. Idiot Liberals do NOT understand that the county sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement official in America. As the county sheriff Clarke has the power to call in the National Guard, prohibit federal law enforcement agencies including the military, FBI, Secret Service, NSA, CIA, etc. from entering his county without explicit permission, remove non-approved federal law enforcement agencies from his county, put all local law enforcement under his direct command, implement martial law, shoot looters on sight without due process, arrest and incarcerate law breakers and hold them without bail or legal counsel until martial law is lifted, and generally help Trump to make America Great Again.

  6. After Katrina, the Louisiana National Guard commander issued a “shoot on sight” order. Prior to that the thugs were doing whatever they wanted. After several were sent to meet their judgement, things settled right down.

  7. Let them use those weapons they have shoot first ask questions later That is the only way to stop that shit if they loot and burn stores that shows they are worthless and no one would miss them.

  8. Fact: Hillary and Obama need to be in prison for treason. Third party mcmuffin needs to climb back under his rock and save the stolen tax dollars they are trying use to fund him. Those Republicans, democrats, and independents supporting Trump want to take the country back and save the faith based values of our founding fathers. Those who do not support Trump want a continuation of destruction of the constitution, our freedom, they are ok with widespread death of Americans, continued corruption and theft, and a country that is socialistic/communistic. I include most of the big names in Congress/DC Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Gore, Cruz, Kasich, Ginsburg, sanders, lynch, and Comey, just to name a few. And of course that list includes the never Trumpers and past presidents. Iam tired of the bullshit media with their righteous talking heads, the money elite like Soros and Bloomberg, and the political machine that have minimized the American people to peasant surf status. And I don’t give a damn what color or gender you feel like being today or any other day. If the shoe fits princess, wear it. Wake up people. This is no longer about the pissing matches between parties. It is about survival of America, our free Republic. It is about the life and death of our children and grandchildren. If the republicrat machine is allowed to continue down the path of corruption and destruction of the constitution, none of us will be free or safe.

  9. What lesson did the thugs learn? That the law will stand by and watch while they burn out the innocent and racially attack others , Whike they loot and plunder destroying property and lives. No big deal,they have all the time in the world to do their deed and be home in time form the 11 o clock news to see their picture on TV Before the force is in pace to stop them. The law should waste no time in dealing with these ass holes with lethal force. Their attacks have gone on long enough and have gone to far.They should be treated as the criminals that they are. Law enforcement should give one warning to drop and stop. No response then shoot the bastards. They all know the difference between right and wrong. No excuse for this brutality.

  10. Mr Clark need to lock every last one up next time rule with iron fist fill the jails with them and charge then with Federal terror charges quit giving them a slap on the wrist

  11. They don’t seem to care about the black folks whose businesses they are destroying in their own neighborhood and in the name of BLM! Is that moronic or what? And no white folks involved. Do these folks actually stand for anything at all or is it just a reason to go tear things up and steal from each other to make no point at all! NOW who do they blame for this? Will be interesting to see the spin put on this one! Waiting for Al Sharpton and his bus loads of hired people to come join the fun!

  12. These black ghetto rats must be dealt with very severally or they will keep rioting, looting, killing cops and white people…

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