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BOMBSHELL: Matt Drudge Hints At Potential Hillary Lesbian Sex Scandal

Well, this would be something…

As NewsAlert says:

Matt Drudge Gives Warning To Hillary Clinton. Does Hillary Clinton Have a “Special Friend” ?

Matt Drudge:

Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers…

The photo includes Hillary Clinton sitting with Ellen DeGeneres.

The London Times accused Hillary Clinton of a lesbian affair in 2007.

The TIMES of London starts ‘The Ugliest Month’ with a full page photo takeout on Hillary Clinton and her beautiful personal assistant.

“Hillary Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Huma Abedin,” reads the caption.

The splash stunned British readers and angered campaign insiders.

“This does not even qualify as tabloid trash… it’s ridiculous and reckless,” a Hillary confidante explained over the weekend.

Taking the whisper from the underground to the overground, the paper made no claims to knowing any truth of the relationship between Hillary and Huma, in its story headlined: “Snarls, smears and innuendo as attack dogs get ready for the fray.”

H/T TheGatewayPundit

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