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Barbara Streisand BEGS Democrats To Silence Trump With Fundraiser… Let’s Boycott Her NOW

Barbra Streisand asks Dem donors to stop ‘despicable’ Trump


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has recruited award-winning singer Barbra Streisand to ask supporters for donations to Hillary Clinton’s and other congressional races.

“I’ve had it with Donald Trump and his Republicans insulting women at every turn. It’s despicable,” the singer-turned-actress wrote in an email Thursday afternoon. “If we let them win the White House with a Republican Congress, they’ll pass their sexism into law.”

The Clinton surrogate called on DCCC donors to elect a record number of Democratic women and men. In addition, Streisand said the Left’s fundraising arm needs 5,584 more individuals to pull out their wallets and make a gift to the committee. She noted all gifts received in the next 48 hours would be triple-matched by an unnamed donor or organization.

“But we’re running out of time — so I need all hands on deck to make it happen. Are you with me?” Streisand pleaded.

Streisand performed for Clinton at an expensive private event in New York on Sept. 9. Tickets for the “LGBT for Hillary” gala started at $2,500 per person and went up to $250,000.


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