ANTIFA Thug Arrested After Burning American Flag

Toss all these liberal THUGS in prison!

ANTIFA, the so-called anti-fascist movement on the left, have made headlines over the past few months namely for their extreme acts of violence and intimidation of Trump supporters, who they truly believe are actual “Nazis.”

Sure, they’re not mentally strong, but their numbers are growing and some cities, such as Berekeley, are giving stand-down orders to police to let these violent, liberal thugs run wild in the streets by rioting, burning things and assaulting innocent civilians.

Recently, during the “MayDay” protests, one ANTIFA moron threw a crybaby fit after police snatched him for doing the unthinkable to the American flag, and it was fantastic.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Los Angeles, CA – A masked Antifa member burned an American flag in protest and was immediately arrested by LAPD.

Leftists are protesting across the country today in ‘May Day’ marches while Trump supporters counter these protests in ‘Loyalty Day’ marches.

A masked member of Antifa burned an American flag and was immediately arrested by LAPD. Other Antifa members were livid and started screaming profanities at police officers and became violent.

Antifa were screaming, ‘It’s not illegal!’ It’s freedom of speech!’ ‘F*** you!’ ‘You piece of sh*t!’ It is unclear whether they were screaming at police officers or Trump supporters.

Trump supporters heckled the Antifa member who got arrested.


This is absolutely disgusting, but thank God the cops did the right thing.

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