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Anti-Trump Protesters Are Wearing Safety Pins… Here’s What It Means

What a bunch of silly snowflakes…

Apparently, anti-Trump rioters have this perceived notion that President-elect Donald Trump is hell-bent on stripping women, Muslims, gays, minorities and every other group of their rights. The propaganda being spread throughout the left is laughably false and shockingly stupid.

The latest craze, aside from burning down cities because they didn’t get their way (typical millennial response), is that they’ve taken to wearing safety pins in a form of solidarity protest to make each other feel “safe.”

It’s beyond hilarious.

According to one of the safety pin “safe space” influencers, here is her reason for wearing the pin:

Even better, a conservative responded to the movement with an amazing picture of their own “safety pin”:

Now we can get on board with that!

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